3 Unlikely Netflix Shows You'll Want To Binge Watch by Kei Kobayashi

1. Party of Five

Kei's Favorite Character

"Claudia is my favorite because she’s super young but she does what she believes in and tells her older sister she’s wrong and she is pretty much right a lot of the time!"

2. Gossip Girl

Kei's Favorite Character

"Blair Waldorf because she’s super hot and she’s bossy yet she has a good personality."

3. Gilmore Girls

Kei's Favorite Character

"Rory Gilmore because she’s super hot and she super smart and always gets things done."


Who would of known the little Lowers ripper from San Clemente was such a teen drama binger. Thanks for the recommendations Kei! You know where to find us after work this week.


- KL

Kei and his brother Shaw finishing the weekend with a foamie session down at San Onofre this past weekend.