Is a Wavestorm a Good Beginner Surfboard?

Is a Wavestorm a Good Beginner Surfboard?

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The Wavestorm surfboard has been the go-to choice for beginner surfers for years, known for its ease of use, safety, and affordability. However, as newcomers to surfing evolve, the quest for a board that can grow with their skills becomes paramount. Enter the 7'10 Doho from Formula Fun Boards—a surfboard designed to not only match but exceed the beginner-friendly benefits of the Wavestorm, offering longevity and adaptability. Let's explore why the Wavestorm is a popular choice and how the 7'10 Doho presents a smarter investment for the budding surfer.

What Makes the Wavestorm a Preferred Beginner Board?

The Wavestorm surfboard's appeal lies in its soft-top construction, providing a safe and stable learning platform. Its 8-foot length offers great buoyancy and stability, essential for catching waves and standing up with ease. While the Wavestorm is an excellent entry-level board, it's worth considering how your surfboard choice can influence your surfing journey in the long run.

Introducing the 7'10 Doho: A Step-Up for Beginners

The 7'10 Doho by Formula Fun Boards is engineered with beginners in mind, offering all the user-friendly features of the Wavestorm while addressing the limitations that surfers might face as they progress. Here's why the 7'10 Doho is an excellent alternative:

  1. Durability and Longevity: Constructed with advanced materials, the Doho is built to last, capable of enduring the rigors of learning without compromising performance.
  2. Enhanced Performance: As surfers develop their skills, the Doho's design offers improved maneuverability and versatility across different wave conditions, making it a board that beginners can grow into rather than out of.
  3. Eco-Friendly Construction: In addition to its performance benefits, the Doho is made with eco-friendly materials, aligning with the values of environmentally conscious surfers.
  4. Cost-Effectiveness Over Time: While the initial investment in a Doho might be higher than that of a Wavestorm, its durability and adaptability mean surfers won't need to upgrade as soon, saving money in the long term.

Why the 7'10 Doho is a Smarter Investment for Beginners

Choosing the 7'10 Doho over a traditional Wavestorm surfboard means investing in your surfing future. Not only does the Doho provide a stable and forgiving platform for beginners, but its quality construction and performance capabilities mean it remains a relevant and cherished part of your quiver as your skills advance. This board is designed to be the last beginner board you'll ever need, offering a seamless transition to intermediate and even advanced surfing.


While the Wavestorm has been a staple for beginners due to its affordability and user-friendly design, the evolving needs of surfers call for a board that can offer more in terms of longevity and performance. The 7'10 Doho from Formula Fun Boards stands out as a superior choice, ensuring that beginners not only enjoy their initial surfing experiences but also have a board that supports their progression. Investing in a Doho means investing in your surfing journey, with a board that's built to last and designed to grow with you.