Formula Fun

5'3" Penguin


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  • 5'3" x 21 1/2" x 3" (42 Liters) - Tons of float and easy wave catching.

  • Made in USA

  • 100% Recyclable - Check out our Board Recycling Loyalty Program

  • Durable, Waterproof and Flexible Foam (no resin needed)

  • Molded Stringer System

  • Wax-Free Deck Pad

  • Futures Fins Included

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Alden S.
United States

Thank you!

Very happy, they shipped my board over ASAP! Great experience, super fun board for anyone.

United States

Super fun board to ride

It floats very well and is super fun to surf. I wish you had an option of which side of the board to put the leash plug. I love the fact that I can run my future fins. I would recommend this board to anyone at any skill level.

United States

Really Fun!

Tons of float, perfect for the summer mushy little wave!

Dylan G.
United States

Absolutely A Formula for Fun!

I bought the black and blue board (although all models are the same shape). First impression out of the box was that the board was a great buy for the money. The future fins fin snug in the fun boxes and didn’t flex from the board like I thought they would; really solid. My only real complaint is that the leash is only mounted on the left side. I’m a regular footer and so this placement causes me to step on the leash or get tangled in the leash more often that not. Simple fix (I’ll drill a hole in the other side and move the leash), but I wish I could mount it on either side. I have only had one session with the board thus far, but it was enough to give an initial review. For how short this board is, it feels way more bouyant than the volume would suggest (and that’s a good thing). I’m 5’11” at 180lbs and an intermediate surfer. Paddling this board is a dream. It’s super easy to paddle and maneuver. Additionally, it’s very forgiving when dropping in and positioning your feet. Several times I planted my feet out of position while getting used to the characteristics of the board. Each time the board allowed me to easily correct and finish the ride. The board is very loose and fun to skate around on the face. I haven’t been able to gauge for trim yet, but I would imagine it holds decently well. This board is great in beach breaks too, but I’m really excited to try it on a point. I did notice that if you board short it and your knee brushes against the traction pad while going from paddling to standing, you may get a rug burn sensation from the trac pad. Of course this is easily corrected with technique. The traction is excellent though and I love not needing wax. BOTTOM LINE: If you want a super fun short board for the smaller days and don’t want to ride a long board this is the board for you. If you want to be able to just throw this thing in the car and not worry about it dripping wax or destroying itself while you’re working in the office all day, this is the board for you. If you want a loaner board to teach friends to surf, you get the idea. You may not hang this on your wall, but it certainly deserves a strong place in your quiver. Highly recommend.

Josh C.
United States

Giddy up

I love this board! And I love that it's recyclable!! Keep it up..Yeeoow