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5'3" Twinnie : Smiley Face

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USA icon Made in USA

We manufacture our boards at the Marko Foam factory in Salt Lake City, Utah and have a distribution point in Huntington Beach, California. This allows us to have full control over our boards and guarantee they are made with the highest quality materials.

Recycle icon Made with 100% Recyclable Materials

We make our boards in a sustainable way with recyclable materials. If you’d like to learn more please check out our Board Recycling Loyalty Program.

Waterproof icon Durable, Waterproof and Flexible Foam (no resin needed)

Our boards are made as a solid piece of copolymer foam that is completely waterproof. This makes for a very durable board that if dinged won’t absorb water and is nearly impossible to break!

Molded icon Molded Stringer System

Our stringer system is custom made for each board out of the same wood used in surfboards. They are molded into the board to add stiffness and strength while helping increase the performance!

Wax-free icon Wax-Free Deck Pad

Our EVA deckpad has small grooves making for a slip free surface making wax unnecessary. This allows you to keep your board in the car without the mess of melting wax or on the beach without getting sand stuck in the wax on the deck of the board!.


Specs icon 5'3" x 21.5" x 3" - 42 Liters - 7lbs

Take it back to the good ole days with this classic twin fin fish and cruise. With its 42 liters of volume the 5'3" Mondo works on a knee high nipper to a firing overhead wave with the ease of a few paddles. Loaded with the Formula Fun Technology including Futures Fins twin fin setup, no wax deck pad and fully shaped rails you will be wondering why you didn't add this to your quiver sooner.

Gear Included

Fin icon Futures F6 Twin Fins

Formula Fun teamed up with one of the leaders in surf fin technology, Futures Fins, to make a fin box that would work perfectly for our boards. Having the ability to use Futures Fins in our boards is one of the main things that sets us apart from other foam board companies and brings a whole new aspect of performance to this type of product!

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United States United States
Makes me smiley

Super fun for small days, shallow days, or when you need a board you can beat on a little. Plus it’s impossible to not have fun surfing on a big ol’ smiley face. The grip pad is insanely sticky and definitely doesn’t need wax. Great deal for $260

United States
Fun fish

Great small wave board

United States United States
1 Year Later

I’m 26, 6’, 155lbs, and have been surfing casually for years. I got this board last year for smaller days in SoCal. Everything advertised is true - no wax needed, super floaty, good at catching waves. However, it is very challenging to learn how to ride. The sweet spot for your feet is very small, and if you’re even off by a little you’ll tumble. I would not recommend this as a beginner board for an adult. In my opinion, the board is also under-finned. The F6s don’t have enough hold to make it out of a hard bottom turn without sliding out. If you want to surf this in waves bigger than 3’ or so, definitely get bigger fins. I put keel fins on and that finally took a lot of the frustration I had out of the board - with the keel fins the board can handle bigger waves (5’-6’) and holds well through turns, but is still loose enough to have the twin fin feel. Very fun at San Onofre where the waves are slow and forgiving. Very challenging at Blacks where the waves are fast and hollow. That said, if you’re looking for an indestructible board that can catch almost anything, this is a better bet than the other small foam boards you can get. You can also use it as a skim board if you take the fins out. It survived the Wedge!

United States United States
Great board

This bored is awesome. I use it to river surf in Colorado and not having to wax the top is great

Guy C.
United States United States
Difficult to surf

Really difficult to ride. I know it's a foamy but it might as well not have any fins with how it surfs. Just sliding all over the place. Plus just wants to tip right over instead of holding a rail on take-off. Maybe I just **** at surfing these things. Going to sell mine.

Formula Fun Foamies

Hi Guy, I'm sorry you're having trouble surfing the 5'3" Twinnie. If you are having trouble keeping it from sliding out suggest trying a larger set of Futures Fin such as the T1. Thats the beauty of having the ability to change the fins out, you can find somthing that will work for you!