A black 5 foot 3 inch Formula Fun Foamies Twinnie surfboard leaning up against a house

Is my surfboard going to delaminate?

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This is a completely valid question. A question that circulates and haunts the thoughts of many surfers around the world. There are a few common factors that cause boards to delaminate: heat, moisture, pressure, impact, materials used and many more. Before I continue, let's first go over the definition of delamination. What is delamination? Delamination is the loss of coating adhesion to a surface or between layers.

The Problem: Softboards are notorious for delaminating often.

The traditional construction of soft boards (image below) uses a wide variety of materials and adhesive points increasing the chance of delamination.

The Solution: A New Construction

Our new Formula Fun soft board construction (also used by Almond Surfboards) is only 2 parts. The first part is the molded board itself with a recession in the deck for the deck pad to sit nice and tight. The 2nd part is an EVA traction pad, just like the tail pads you see on every other surfboard in the water. Our traction pads are backed with quality 3M® adhesive (see video below). Our construction requires zero lamination which means they can't truly delaminate.

Common Question: The Formula Fun board is black and the pad is black, isn't it going to get hot and delam?

The answer is NO. Our black co-polymer foam actually reflects the sun's heat and does not increase the surface temperature of the surfboard. We give you the greenlight to go and leave it on the beach as long as you want without any repercussion.


There is a chance the deck pad will come up BUT we have several ways to fix or replace it, and get you back in the water. Just give us a holler at hello@formulafunboards.com