Designed and trademarked by Formula Fun® Founder Ty Peterson and team, Formula Fun® is a mix of classic, timeless design with new age engineering and materials made for high performance soft board surfing. The construction combines an inmolded stringer system, high-density molded copolymer core, recessed EVA rigid foam deck pad and high performance Futures Fins.

The non-tradtional soft board construction with unique traditionally rounded rails add to the performance and vitality of the overall product. The Formula Fun® Technology was birthed to emulate any existing surfboard design while adding a spark of fun-gineering to allow surfers to have maximum soft board FUN without sacrificing the performance of the original shape. The board's lightweight and buoyant qualities allow the surfer to paddle into almost any wave size. The Formula Fun construction creates a fast, dynamic and highly reactive surfboard that’s been engineered for everyday surfing ranging from beginner to advanced levels.

The Formual Fun® construction was designed with the environment in mind. 100% of all materials used in the Formula Fun® contruction can be recycled after their lifetime through our Recycling Loyalty Program.