As surfers, we tend to get a little too serious in the water. Not only are we serious in the water but we are serious about the technology and the construction of our equipment. Formula Fun is here to lighten up the mood. We moved away from the traditional soft top construction you've seen for decades and created an American made soft top that doesn't take any days off from performance. With Futures® Fins and traditionally shaped rails, this board competes with your whole quiver.

For years soft tops have been made with poor quality, toxic and non-recyclable materials. At Formula Fun, we've teamed up with Marko Foam and designed everything with the environment in mind. Once the board hits the end of its lifetime, don't you dare throw that board in the trash. The entire board is recyclable so mail it in or drop it off at our Huntington Beach, CA HQ for $50 credit towards your next board. For more details visit our Recycling Loyalty Program page. 

Watch the origin of Formula Fun Foamies here ⬆️