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5'3" Green Machine

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  • 5'3" x 21 1/2" x 3" (42 Liters)
    • The 5’3” Fish packs in a lot of volume for a small board with 42 liters making it easier to paddle and catch all sorts of waves. This board is perfect for groms and adults alike who just want to have fun!


  • Made in USA
    • We manufacture our boards at the Marko Foam factory in Salt Lake City, Utah and have a distribution point in Huntington Beach, California. This allows us to have full control over our boards and guarantee they are made with the highest quality materials.


  • Made with 100% Recyclable Materials
    • We make our boards in a sustainable way with recyclable materials. If you’d like to learn more please check out our Board Recycling Loyalty Program.


  • Durable, Waterproof and Flexible Foam (no resin needed)
    • Our boards are made as a solid piece of copolymer foam that is completely waterproof. This makes for a very durable board that if dinged won’t absorb water and is nearly impossible to break!


  • Molded Stringer System 
    • Our stringer system is custom made for each board out of the same wood used in surfboards. They are molded into the board to add stiffness and strength while helping increase the performance!


  • Wax-Free Deck Pad 
    • Our EVA deckpad has small grooves making for a slip free surface making wax unnecessary. This allows you to keep your board in the car or sun without a need to worry about the mess of melting wax.


  • Futures Fins Included 
    • Formula Fun teamed up with one of the leaders in surf fin technology, Futures Fins, to make a fin box that would work perfectly for our boards. Having the ability to use Futures Fins in our boards is one of the main things that sets us apart from other foam board companies and brings a whole new aspect of performance to this type of product!

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Daniel O.
United States United States
Love the board!

I could not be more stoked with the entire experience and board! The board came quickly and I even got an email from Coby and he responded to my response. Really nice personal touch. I'm using the board on the river wave in Boise and it's been riding like a dream. Huge bonus that I don't need wax. It's now my go to river surfer and I actually surf more than just because I love the board so much. Highly recommend!

United States United States
Fun little rocket

First time out on this little thing and I’m totally impressed. I’m 6’ 190 lbs and this thing floats FINE. I had no problems paddling into small mushy waves at high tide today. It is surprisingly heavy for foam but not more than a poly board. Probably just because it’s dense foam. Totally happy with this purchase and would recommend to anyone. This is a fun little pocket rocket for beach break blasts

George A.
United States United States
Fun, skatey ripper

Ordered this board for dumpy, small days on east coast beach breaks. I'm pretty tall (6'4), but the board has a very wide sweet spot so I never felt like this board was too small. I saw a reviewer discuss this as the perfect board for long board waves if you don't like long boarding, and I have to say I completely agree - I take this out when everyone else is out on a 8ft foamie and can catch and rip more waves than anyone else. I typically ride boards in the 33-36 L range, so the 42L of this board makes paddling into soft waves a breeze. I love how skatey the twin fin feels on less than lively waves, making it worth getting out there regardless of conditions. I was a bit nervous about the waxless grip but I have been super happy with it. Only once have I had my front foot slide across about 20 hours of surfing this board, and it only slipped about 6 inches before catching again. I've seen some people complaining that this is overpriced compared to other foamies, but these reviews aren't acknowledging the closed-cell foam this board uses. With other foamies, if the skin or bottom lamination is damaged, the board will deteriorate significantly, but this board can take dings without any growing issues. Also, the waxless deck itself makes this way better than your traditional foamies in terms of ease of use and reliable grip. When I ordered the board, I got a personal email from the CEO, and we emailed back and forth a few times on the best ways to care for this board. If that's not top notch customer service, I don't know what is.

United States United States
Horrible board

Terrible customer service they don’t give a damn and board is one big piece of styrofoam

Jon O.
United States United States
Overpriced imo

Decent. It’s an OK board, it looks like it’s made of styrofoam cooler foam, it looks like it’s a joke but it sure OK. There are many soft boards out there that are higher quality for a lower price, however the volume of this board is remarkable so it’s a decent, flat bottomed fish.

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