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9'6" SanO

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USA icon Made in USA

We manufacture our boards at the Marko Foam factory in Salt Lake City, Utah and have a distribution point in Huntington Beach, California. This allows us to have full control over our boards and guarantee they are made with the highest quality materials.

Recycle icon Made with 100% Recyclable Materials

We make our boards in a sustainable way with recyclable materials. If you’d like to learn more please check out our Board Recycling Loyalty Program.

Waterproof icon Durable, Waterproof and Flexible Foam (no resin needed)

Our boards are made as a solid piece of copolymer foam that is completely waterproof. This makes for a very durable board that if dinged won’t absorb water and is nearly impossible to break!

Molded icon Molded Stringer System

Our stringer system is custom made for each board out of the same wood used in surfboards. They are molded into the board to add stiffness and strength while helping increase the performance!

Wax-free icon Wax-Free Deck Pad

Our EVA deckpad has small grooves making for a slip free surface making wax unnecessary. This allows you to keep your board in the car without the mess of melting wax or on the beach without getting sand stuck in the wax on the deck of the board!.


Specs icon 9'6" x 23.5" x 3.69" - 101 Liters - 20lbs

The 9'6" San O, or the as we call it the aircraft carrier, is a wave catching machine. Boasting a huge volume of 101 Liters you're going to be the envy of everyone in the water, catching everything and anything that comes your way. The 9'6" San O, much like the world renowned surf break San Onofre, is here for a good time on some lined up playful waves and posting up on the beach with a few buds.

Gear Included

Fin icon Single Fin

The single fin setup includes a 9” performance fin.

About Formula Fun logo

surfboard icon

We moved away from the traditional soft top construction you’ve seen for decades and created an American-made soft top that doesn’t take any days off from performance. For years, soft tops have been made with poor quality, toxic and non-recyclable materials and we’ve combatted that by creating a mix of classic, timeless designs with new-age engineering and materials made for high-performance soft board surfing.

wave icon

The Formula Fun construction creates a fast, dynamic, and highly reactive surfboard that’s been engineered for everyday surfing ranging from beginner to advanced levels. The board’s lightweight and buoyant qualities allow the surfer to paddle into almost any wave size.

recycle icon

We’ve also teamed up with Marko Foam and designed everything with the environment in mind. The entire board is recyclable so mail it in or drop it off at our Huntington Beach, CA HQ for $50 credit towards your next board. For more details visit our Recycling Loyalty Program page.

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Awesome log!

Excellent board! It's too long to be shipped fed ex or ups, so had a different company ship. They(shipping company) literally had it to my front door in less than 24 hours after talking to them.Overall from time I placed order on formula fun website and they arranged shipping to the time I got tracking number and contacted shipping company for delivery it was 6 days.Board arrived in perfect shape! Paddles very well and gets into waves very early. It is 101L afterall! Fin screws in and has oversized washers to mitigate squashing the foam down too much. It is so controllable for a foam board and I was really surprised how well it noserides. I mean it noserides REALLY REALLY well. Weighs 20lbs,which I love and it carries an insane amount of speed down the line.Cutbacks are smooth and accurate.Surfed it in 3-5ft faces and can't believe how manageable it is. Wouldn't hesitate to surf it in larger conditions. Formula fun outdid themselves on the 9'6" SANO. Stoked!

Formula Fun Foamies

Stoked you are liking the board!!! Yewwww