Are Fish Type Boards Good for Beginners to Start On?

Are Fish Type Boards Good for Beginners to Start On?

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When starting to learn to surf, the choice of surfboard can significantly impact your progress and fun you have along the way. Among the various styles available, fish type boards stand out for their unique shape and performance characteristics. But the question arises: are fish type boards suitable for beginners? This article delves into the essentials of fish type surfboards, aiming to guide novices in making an informed decision.

What is a Fish Surfboard?

Fish surfboards, recognizable by their wide, thick, and short design, feature a swallow tail and typically have a twin fin setup. The Fish, designed by San Diego kneeboarder Steve Lis in 1967, is one of the most versatile and enduring surfboard designs going. These boards are lauded for their ability to catch waves easily and offer remarkable maneuverability.

Advantages of Fish Type Boards for Beginners

  1. Ease of Paddling: The additional volume and width make paddling into waves easier for beginners, a crucial factor in early surfing stages.
  2. Stability: Fish boards offer a stable platform for standing up, thanks to their wide shape.
  3. Wave Catching: Their design excels in small to medium wave conditions, allowing beginners and intermediate surfers alike to practice on a variety of waves.

Considerations Before Choosing a Fish Surfboard

  • Skill Level: While fish boards are forgiving, they require some basic surfing skills to handle effectively. We recommend that it isn't your very first board.
  • Wave Conditions: Ideal for small to medium waves, fish boards might not be the best choice for very small or large waves.
  • Personal Goals: Consider your surfing objectives. Fish boards can be great for fun, relaxed surfing but might limit progression in certain techniques.

Fish type boards offer a unique blend of ease of use, stability, and fun, making them a considerable option for beginners with a basic understanding of surfing fundamentals. However, choosing the right surfboard is a personal journey, reflecting one's aspirations and the specific wave conditions they'll be facing. Beginners are encouraged to try different board types to find the one that best suits their path in the exhilarating world of surfing.